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Shingeki no Kyojin Before the Fall Prologue part 1 

(In other words Rasuna got her hands on SnK novels and decided to practice her Japanese. And while I’m at it, spam you with short and slow translations~)

The full Prologue can be found HERE

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Pages 8&9

A high-pitched sound of a bell resounded through the dark gray sky. The Liberty Bell. This is the name the inhabitants of the Shiganshina District had given to their hanging bell. This bronze hanging bell, located on the top of the 50 meters high Wall Maria, is one of the district’s symbols. While originally meant as a device to prevent disasters, luckily it has never been used in that way to this day.

It wasn’t bright outside yet, but Anhel Altonen was holding his hand against Wall Maria and looking up at it towering over the district like a cliff. The wall is a gigantic architectural structure the way it is already, but standing next to it makes it even more conspicuous. The presence of the wall is so enormous, it creates a sense of awe in everyone, and some even consider it to be sacred. In the world with no god to pray to, the presence of the wall is the only support to people’s hearts. However, Wall Maria wasn’t built with any religious intentions. It’s purpose is clear. It’s a protection against the enemies outside. In other words, outside of the walls exists a threat to all humanity – monsters dreadful enough to require an enormous wall to guard against them.

“Well, it’s dubious whether they actually exist at all.” Anhel furrowed his brows, dim light distorting the shape of his face, bed hair roughly falling on his face. His usually golden hair, for some odd reason has unclear hue. And not only his hair. Perhaps because he is secluding himself in his workshop developing armor day and night, he looks so pale, co-workers often make fun of him calling him a weakling.

At first glance, he seems to be really unhealthy, and it is, indeed, true that his lifestyle isn’t the healthiest. However, Anhel’s body is unexpectedly sturdy and this fact is noticeable even from beneath his samue*.  Probably due to the nature of his job, without him noticing, his body had been forged to be strong, and the energy swelling up inside him is exactly appropriate for a 18 years old boy.

“If only the wall was a little bit shorter…”

“You could peek outside you thin?”

Hearing a calm voice from behind him, Anhel responded with bitter smile without turning around. “What is, makes you want to peek at it even more.”

“Is that the male nature?”

“it’s just a curiosity.” Muttered Anhel, stealing a glance at the face of the girl standing next to him. The one gazing at Wall Maria with a composed look on her face is Maria Karlstadt. Both her standing posture and the way she wears her military clothes are always flawless. Roses – emblem of the Stationary Guards – is depicted on her khaki jacket, showing her pride and confidence towards her duties. Her beautiful black hair tied up on the back of her head is the proof of her determination.

“Please restrain yourself from conspicuous actions. It would be troublesome if military police had an eye on us.”

“Is that a warning from a soldier?”

“It is an advice from a childhood friend.”



*Samue (作務衣) - monk’s working (non-spiritual) clothes (google it)

(Sorry for any grammar/structure mistakes, if you find any please tell me, not english nor japanese are my native languages so….plus it’s midnight)

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