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Shingeki no Kyojin Before the Fall Prologue part 2 

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Pages 10&11

These are the times when having interest in the outside world is considered taboo.  If one acts too flashily, there is no escaping from being marked by the Military Police as a person requiring special attention. (They should just announce the information publicly already.) If the government made the information about the outside of the wall public, the curiosity of people would also fade away but since it isn’t happening, there are probably some guys who would lose their profit if it was known.

“It’s the truth that this wall is hindrance to my job though.”

“However we can’t live without it.” Saying that while looking up at the wall, Maria has a triumphant expression on her face. There’s no doubt that for Maria, who has become a member of Stationary Guards, Wall Maria is a really special building. After all, the main duties of Stationary Guards are guarding the fortified city as well as strengthening and repairing the wall which is the most important military facility.

But unlike Maria, Anhel has no special feelings towards the wall.(A wall is a wall.) He reaches such conclusion probably because Anhel’s occupation is development and production of the weapons sold to the army.

(Attack is the best form of defence.)

He thinks that but does not say it out loud. There is no way Maria would empathize with him even if he voiced that and it’s obvious that he won’t accomplish anything by arguing either. Actually, this topic had arisen in their conversation a couple of times in the past, but every time it ended with Anhel being harshly cornered in an argument.

“By the way, what’s with this hair…?” Maria lets out a sigh and combs Anhel’s hair with her fingers.

“H-hey! I’m not some brat so stop it!” Anhel gets worried about others seeing him, but Maria doesn’t seem to mind.

“If you’re not a brat, then don’t be so difficult to deal with.”

“Yes yes.”

“And don’t forget to shave your beard.” She finally manages to dress his hair well enough.  Circling around Anhel and checking his appearance, she nods with consent.

“By the way, is it alright to slack off like this?”

“I just had a night shift. I’m not playing a truant.” Maria glares at Anhel.

“And you are therefore going to pick up Solm? You sure get along well with him.”

“And so do you, right.”

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