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Shingeki no Kyojin Before the Fall Prologue part 3 

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pages 12&13

“I don’t recall getting married to Solm though.” mutters Anhel, at which Maria stays silent but lifts her eyebrows.

“Correction. Your relationship is actually called friendship.”

As Anhel and Maria proceeded to amuse themselves with idle talk, the outskirts of the main gate start getting filled with people. Perhaps due to the sound of the bell, everyone begins to gather, and in no time the surroundings of the gate are jammed with people. At first glance, there might be around three hundred people. There are men and women of all ages, but their objective is the same as Anhel’s.

Soon  the Recon Corps will return from their expedition outside of the walls. They will enter from the main gate and walk through the main street simply returning to the barracks, but as this scenery demonstrates the courage of the troops, it is considered quite alike a parade in the name of a triumphant return. For the inhabitants of the Shiganshina District, who have little amusement in their lives, the return of the Recon Corps was somewhat of a big event.

(However this is also a story of the past.)

At first glance it seems as if many people have gathered, but in reality these are just locals. If one takes into the consideration the population of Shiganshina District, which is over thirty thousand, the conclusion reached is that the return of the Recon Corps isn’t a matter of citizens’ interest. Not to mention that most of the spectators are the soldiers’ relatives. However, the cooling of people’s reaction isn’t surprising.

(They don’t disclose the information. They provide no results. Not to mention that the expenses of their expeditions are paid from taxes…)

For Recon Corps to be allowed to continue existing despite all the complaints from citizens, there must certainly be some political reasons. Also, while the many expeditions of the Recon Corps are at least known to everyone, none of the civilians really know what is happening behind the closed doors of politicians’ rooms.

“It’s time for the heroes’ return.”

The wall still prevents everyone from seeing the noble figures of the members of the Recon Corps, but rhythmical sound of steps can be heard from the other side of it. It is the sound of the footsteps of couple dozens of military horses. The movements of the soldiers seem to become more rushed as they get closer, amplifying the sound even more.

Because of their daily practice, they make no futile movements, and move orderly making them look almost like machines. Since both opening and closing of the gate should be done quickly, being systematic is just right.

“It’d be good if everything went well.” Her feeling of uneasiness is noticeable on Maria’s face.

“Are you talking about their mission?”

“What else could I possibly be talking about?”

“Even though their results are of secondary importance to you.”

“That’s not true.” Maria manages to say nonchalantly, but that’s not what she actually feels. What worries and is of importance to is not the mission of the Recon Corps but Solm’s safety.

(Well, it’s the same for me though.)

Between the mysterious mission and the life of a friend, the latter one is obviously causing both of them more anxiety.

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