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Shingeki no Kyojin Before the Fall Prologue part 4 

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Pages 14&15

“You damn honor student.”

“Only when I’m wearing my military clothes.”

As the conversation unfolds between Anhel and Maria, the Recon Corps approach the wall. Many horses are kicking up the ground behind the wall making the ground shake slightly.

“Open the gate! Open the gate!” The soldier standing on the lookout shouts out the orders. Quickly, a gigantic 10 meters high gate starts moving upwards with a thunderous roar. Without wasting any time, Anhel narrows his eyes and leans forward managing to catch a glimpse of the outside world.

(The only thing I manage to ascertain though, is a vast deserted land.)

Anhel strains his eyes but still sees nothing of great value and as he observes, in no time, the outside world gets covered with a cloud of dust caused by the horses.

(If only the rumored monsters would appear…)

But the only thing visible isn’t the monsters but pack of horses. The ones riding on them are cavaliers with a crest of wings on their cloaks and hoods pulled over their heads… in other words the members of the Recon Corps.

(Setting aside their reputation, this is just what one would expect of soldiers.)

The sight of cavalry members passing through the gate one after another is rather compelling.

“Close the gate! Close the gate!” The moment all members of Recon Corps had entered the district, is the moment the gate is closed. And the speed with which it all was done is really worth a praise. The gate was open for only about one minute, demonstrating the unshakeable conviction of the Stationary Guards, that the penetration  of the foreign enemy is not to be allowed. Even Maria’s facial expression looks somewhat prideful. There are the Stationary Troops who managed to perfectly execute their job, and then there are the Recon Corps that don’t seem to be in a very good state.

“They sure have reduced in their numbers.” Even though the expedition only lasted for half a day, the damage caused is enormous as out of the eighty soldiers who left, only about fifty have returned. And the survivors don’t look too good either. Most of them only have light injuries but there are also those, who have lost some of their limbs. And of course there are those who have returned as corpses.

(I don’t know what they were trying to do, but this time once again, the mission ended with a failure it seems.)

Seeing the damage and sour looks on soldiers’ faces, it doesn’t take a genius to deduce that. The civilians also sense it and thus little cheers can be heard, and for a triumphant return, everyone is too unexcited. However there is also not much disappointment as nobody really expected anything in the first place.

(The best way not to be disappointed, is not to expect anything from the very beginning, huh.)

Anhel lets out a sigh and starts examining faces of the safely returned soldiers one by one. As expected of the Recon Corps which is filled with men of valor, every single one of them has a fearless expression despite the current situation. And among them, there is a figure of a familiar handsome man.
Solm Humey. He is a promising rookie of the Recon Corps as well as Anhel’s childhood friend.
(You sure have grown up to be a lady-killer.)

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