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Shingeki no Kyojin Before the Fall Prologue part 5 

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Pages 16&17

Solm’s face is dirty, covered in soot and dust, but he doesn’t seem to be injured. His sharp gaze is fixed in front of him and he is maneuvering the reins, controlling the horse.

“Well, I guess he won’t drop dead that easily.”

“Of course. Being made a widow before even getting married would be troublesome after all.”

“You should make him submit a written request to change the divisions already. Sooner or later you won’t be able to dismiss this as a joke.”

“If only he was the kind of person who listens to others…”

“Indeed.” Anhel smiles wryly.

“Anyhow, this time he returned safely, so it’s all fine for now.”
Just like Ahnel and Maria felt delighted at Solm’s safe return, there were also relatives of the dead ones suffering from grief and heartache. Soldiers, as well as their families, even before the expedition, could not deny the possibility that it would turn into their last journey, so most of them had departed prepared to die.

(But none of them really thought they would die.)

This can be seen from their dismay.

The one who especially caught Anhel’s attention was a young woman in maternity clothes. She in in the beginning of her twenties. She is thin, has a pale skin, and gives off impression that she is about to collapse if not supported. Maria frowns at the sight of the woman loitering aimlessly like a ghost.

“Your acquaintance?”

“Yeah. Her name is Elena Mansell. Her husband is squad leader Heath.”

“Which means, he’s Solm’s boss?” Anhel doesn’t know him, has never heard his name, and can’t recall his face, but Heath is most certainly influential member of the Recon Corps. His status of a squad leader clearly implies that.

(What chances to one man*, huh.)

With uncertainty in her every step, Elena walks up to the soldiers, and attempts to inquire information regarding Heath’s safety. Her gaze is blank, eyes unable to focus on one point.

“The government guarantees her insurance, right?”

“I think she won’t have money troubles.”

“But just money can’t replace her husband.”

“I wish we could do something.”

“Me too…” But there is not much that can be done for Erena.

(From her point of view, she probably doesn’t care for money and only wants her husband back.)

* Anhel references to a saying 今日は人の身明日は我が身 which in English would mean something along the lines of “What chances to one man may happen to all” (source)

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