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Shingeki no Kyojin Before the Fall Prologue part 6 

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Pages 18&19

In other words, right now they could do nothing that would provide Elena with salvation.

(In the end, the time will heal the wounds though.)

As Anhel is lost in his thoughts, a roaring sound resembling that of a thunder reaches his ears. The air trembles slightly from the impact. Anhel reflexively draws back his body nearer the wall, but no traces of lightning can be seen anywhere.

“What just happened?” At that moment, southerly wind blows, and as if mocking the question, a faint smell of chemicals reached his nose.

“This is…” Anhel twitches his nose and manages to determine the composition of the indistinct smell drifting through the air.

(Saltpeter, charcoal, sulfur, aluminum…)

In other words, it’s the gunpowder smoke.

“Did they fire a cannon or something?” This statement cannot get any confirmation from the ground, but is nonetheless quite certain. The reason why he reached such a conclusion is pretty simple.

(To put it simply, the cannons I created were installed up there.)

The army corps had ordered him to produce about ten cannons some time ago but he wasn’t told what they’d be used for. But since a sound of explosion just came from over their heads, that was probably where the cannons were now located.

“What was that bombarding just now?”

“Probably a warning shot.”

“Which means that the rumored great titans found time to visit us?”

Titan is a general term for monsters who prey upon humans. The reason why humans built the enormous wall and now have no choice but to live inside of it, is all for the sake of escaping from the threat of being eaten by the titans. The ones responsible for the great damage caused to the Recon Corps in their latest mission were also Titans.

(I really wish I could see them even just once for future reference but…)

Anhel could easily imagine that titans were outrageous monsters, but he did not feel particular horror for them either. After all, there is no way he could fear an opponent he had never even met. For Anhel, titans aren’t made of substance and thus are quite similar to ghosts.

“But this really is an awful sound…” Anhel covers his ears with hands and frowns at the succession of resounding cannon explosions.

(This is caused by the compressor.)

Just as he lets out a strained laugh, tenth shot resounded, and then, suddenly, everything falls silent.

“Did they bring it down?” As he removes his hands from ears, his eyes meet Maria’s.

“I hope they did, but I think it is impossible.”

“Impossible, huh…”

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