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Shingeki no Kyojin Before the Fall Prologue part 7 

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Pages 20&21

“Impossible, huh…” mutters Anhel looking up at the Wall Maria with a bored face. If the cannon has been fired ten times already, then even if the titans haven’t been directly hit, the surroundings should, by now, be as a sea of fire. No living creature could survive there.

(For the creatures who live in that area, this certainly was an instant death.)

Even if the titans really are unimaginable monsters, the cannons are built with this consideration.

(One whole roasted titan coming right up!)

However, the sound of the footsteps coming from the other side of the wall just becomes louder, as if wishing to crush Anhel’s pride.

(Hey, you’ve got to be kidding me…)

“I think that the titans probably have managed to get too close to the wall.” Says Maria, explaining the situation to Anhel who gapes at the sound.

“Is this the reason why they stopped firing?”

Wall Maria, which is claimed to be indestructible, has, to this day, never allowed titans to get in. This wall is thick enough to be able to fight against pushing of the titans, and high enough for their hands to reach.

“From that way of speaking, you already knew it’d end up like that.”

“At least it’s better than attacking unskillfully, and accidentally damaging the wall.”

“This is a really delicate subject for me who has made these cannons though…” Anhel strongly clenches his fists.

(But for this to be sound of footsteps…)

Anhel couldn’t help doubting his own ears. The sound of the footsteps that are gradually drawing near, are nothing like those of humans. With every step, the main sound is a slight grumbling of the ground. It is a proof that the titans are unbelievably huge.

(It’s like a walking disaster.)

Along with the comparison to natural disaster, a feeling of uncertainty creeps on as a undefined ghost. 

The titans aren’t fictional monsters. They are an actual threat to humanity.

Anhel’s intracerebral opinion of titans is quickly getting overwritten.  And as soon as it has been changed, chills run down Anhel’s spine. His body gets covered with cold sweat, he gets goosebumps all over his body, and his heart starts beating extremely fast. Instinctive alarm bells ring in his head.

The titans continue to make the ground grumble.

One step. Another step.

The steps are slow as those of cows, but the distance between the wall and the titans is steadily wearing shorter. But perhaps because something got in their way to the wall, the footsteps stop abruptly.

(They are getting ready to attack.)

Anhel puts himself on guard and tries to sharpen his senses to feel the movements of the titans. However, he does not grasp anything out of ordinary.

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