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Shingeki no Kyojin Before the Fall Prologue part 8 

The full prologue can be found HERE

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Pages 22&23

“They are not doing anything?” Anhel wrinkles his eyebrows. “I was pretty sure they would try to break the wall.”

However this is just Anhel’s opinion of titans, which, due to his ignorance, is based purely on the image that titans seem to create.

(Well, if they had sufficient intelligence to come up with a plan to destroy the wall, the humanity would’ve been wiped out a long time ago.)

Anhel looks up at the Wall Maria, which stands towering over the town.

“Something along the lines of “Our Gracious Wall Maria” huh.”

“Did you finally understand the meaning of existence of this wall?”

“It has become almost annoyingly clear.”

“Do you still think that attack is the best form of defence?”

“You sure are ill-tempered.”

“Sometimes I am.” Anhel shrugs at Maria, who has a wide grin on her face.

Perhaps due to their frivolous chatting, the feeling of tension also seems to subdue.  The civilians who had not expected to witness something like bombardment are also starting to recover from shock. Perhaps there are even those who mistook it for a signal shot meant for celebrating the return of the Recon Corps.

“We should go meet up with Solm already.” As Anhel calls out to Maria, a raindrop falls on his cheek. He wipes it off with the back of his hand and looks up at the sky. It is covered with a huge cloud and gives off a mood as if it could burst out crying any moment now.

“So this is that rain of the times of sadness* huh.”

“This might turn into a true shower…” Maria raises her hand as if covering her eyes from sunshine, and looks at the gray sky.

Bit by bit, it starts to rain. At this rate, slight rain will turn into a regular rainfall in no time at all.

(It’s better to change location as soon as possible.)

As he though that, something, which bore resemblance to a dark sphere, entered Anhel’s field of vision.

“A horse…?” He quickly rejects this idea. After all sphere-shaped horses don’t exist.

“Dodge!!” Anhel stiffens at the unexpected shout from above. The one who raised his voice is a soldier from Military Police standing on the wall.


He is pointing at the dark lump, but it’s still impossible to see clearly what kind of hazardous thing it is.

*The term Anhel uses is 涙雨 (namidaame) which consists of words tears (namida) and rain (ame) and means light rain, thus giving the word two meanings. Sorry for being unable to translate it well enough.

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